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We are Toronto-based freelance photographers who have turned a passion into a business.

In recent years, we made the switch from film to digital and turned our attention to travel and nature photography. This quest took us to such places as Moscow, Russia; Jim's homeland, Scotland; an island-wide exploration of Barbados; the Pacific, Atlantic coasts and interior of Costa Rica; the east and west coasts of Florida.

Such far-flung locales aside, we also revel in exploring our little corner of the world and the beautiful province of Ontario, capturing the wonder of each season.

We have had many articles and photographs published in the Toronto media. Some of our work appeared on stamps issued by the Pitcairn Islands (the 2005 HMS Bounty issue) and on material for the Law School Admission Council's 2006 Annual Meeting and Educational Conference in Toronto.

We use various Canon digital SLRs with Canon and Sigma lenses.

Our philosophy on making pictures is best summed up in a timeless quote from Ansel Adams - "Sometimes I do get to places just when God is ready to have somebody click the shutter."

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